Geodesic Red Dome Ø11m for Event Prepared NESCAFE Brand, Vilnius, Lithuania


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Enjoy your dream home or personal studio. There is much time and financial investment required for traditional construction. The domes of our eco-living are built easily and quickly, reducing construction costs, using the least resources to close the space, and they are unique at an affordable price.

We produce the highest quality and top-level architectural projects for the commercial, housing, healthcare and education markets. Design and construction of space frames, domes, shells and free-form structures whose products meet the requirements of sustainable buildings. Geodomas maintains high engineering standards and talented management to consistently ensure that the design, construction and maintenance requirements of each design and application are accessible.


We ship resort structures around the world for all kinds of purposes. No matter where your resort or camp is located – whether on water, rocks, desert, sand, grassy plains, tropical beach, ice field or dense rainforest – we will ensure that it is designed, built and built to be environmentally and economically sustainable, secure and durable.

Additional Info

Object page:NESTCAFE
Object address:Vilnius
Technologies:Steel frame elements
Project date:2010
Floor area, m2:95
Cover area, m2:180
Geometry type:Icosahedron


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