Ø11m F4 Dome 95m2 - Major Challenge Baggy Truck | Kaunas, Lithuania


The Major Challenge buggy track is as much as 2 kilometers of exceptional sensations and extreme off-road driving. When driving on a specially prepared track, you will have to overcome various obstacles: a stretch of water where you will have to try not to get stuck and drown in dirt, a 45-degree turn, which will allow you to check your vigilance and trampolines on the track for fun jumps and descents. All this is a guaranteed burst of adrenaline.

Major Challenge

Even with the little weight of the mobile construction the float was perfectly stable. The floats are one welded unit containing the load bearing frame made up of Aluminium G-sections reaching all the way round as well as the actual floats.

Completely free-standing, there are no internal supports that would interfere with your view, but there is an option if you want to add internal walls or additional supporting levels.
The dome is designed just for your seat, offering great views, natural light and the privacy you want.
By installing a simple ventilation system and heating or cooling, together with optimal dome air circulation models, your dome will be cozy and comfortable at minimum cost. Strategically placed windows, skylights and doors can connect with the surrounded environment and landscape.


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